Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes
Before the game can be played, the field must be made ready. Is your field ready?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Searching For A New Niche

Thought I would share something tonight.

I mentioned in the first post about my "wandering" in trying to find consistent, gainful employment since my time on Clemson radio ended in Jan. 2012. Yes, the Titanic is taking on water at an alarming rate, but I know God is going to provide for us. His time. His Plan. His Schedule.

As my former pastor, Ray Longenecker would say, that's easy preachin' but hard livin'.

In any event, one of the little things I've looked into is a documentary film project on Minor League Baseball. Rather than explain it here, just go to the link below and check it out for yourself:

I'm not really expecting it to get funded. But it was fun going through the submission process. And wouldn't it be wild if it did?

We find out in 15 days.

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  1. Dan, I pray this encourages you some. I started Clemson in 1990. My dad had heart problems in 1991 after a Clemson-Sc baseball game and would die a week later after I got home from freshman exams. I graduated in 1994. I visited Clemson over 15 years ago with my girlfriend (now my wife of 14 years). I was a yth pastor in VA for 6 years, and then in NC for 4 years. In June 2009 God told me to take a break from youth ministry and seek Him more. In 2011 I got a chance to become a yth pastor in Columbia, SC (right state, wrong city ) I moved my family there and the church planned on hiring me full time, but then they changed their mind. We ended up living with my mom in Kershaw, SC for the last 2 years. I have worked on car windows, made chicken at Chick fil A for $9/hour, and recently was a substitute teacher. Just this past Monday I was hired as a full time teacher at Daniel High School. So 4 years later God not only kept me working with teens, He put me in SC even blessed me with Clemson, SC as my location. Now my 4 kids can grow up not only loving Clemson as my dad taught me but also living there. I pray God blesses you at the end of your journey much like He did me.
    On Fire for Christ,